The Ball at the Duchess´s

The year is 1531. Under dramatic circumstances, a young noblewoman appears at the French castle of Anet. She not only has lost her memory, but also does not talk. Her arrival will affect the life of the owner of the chateau, the court lady Diana de Poitiers, as well as other members of her household. However, who is it that represents a danger of death for the mysterious beauty, to the point that she prefers to pretend to be mute? And what happened to Knight Marcel, who had bravely saved her from bandits, and where did her precious jewels disappear? And who really is this unknown beauty?

Published: Bratislava, Marenčin PT, 2018

Sophie 2:

   The year is 1531. The ball at the chateau of Duchess Diana de Poitiers did not end according to her ideas. Not only was it impossible to find out who the unknown noblewoman was, but she suddenly disappeared. Only the King himself, Francis I, can explain her identity, but he hesitates so as not to cause a scandal. To the surface leak secrets which should have rather 

remained locked in the past and drive away sleep from the monarch himself. 

    The situation at the Court could supposedly be calmed by the official wedding of Duke de Guisé to the unknwon beauty but she escapes out of fear for her life which is still in danger. She hides under the protection of the brave Knight Marcel, who, however, behaves more and more mysteriously. This is how the novel The Knight's Second Chance begins, being the second part of the historical pentalogy Sophie about a mysterious young noblewoman. It is Martina Monošová´s tenth published book.

Published: Bratislava, Marenčin PT, 2019

Sophie 1:

The Knight's Second Chance

Sophie 3:

Roses for the Princess

The year is 1531. The King is troubled with worries. His mother died unexpectedly, and after the unsuccessful wedding of the Duke de Guisé, Sophie de Marginel disappeared yet again. Should she not be found pretty soon, His Majesty sees great trouble ahead, from the side of the Society of the Dog. Sophie is still being searched for by her guardian, the Marquis de Pays-Rouge, although he puts his own life to threat by his return to France. 

Who really is this mysterious Marquis and what happened twenty years ago? What past connects all the figures involved? This is how the novel Roses for the Princess begins. It is the third part of the historical-romantic saga about the mysterious Sophie.

Published: Bratislava, Marenčin PT, 2020

The Marchioness´s Secret

    Also in 1517, a Marchioness de Marginel was imprisoned – it was Sophie's mother. Marie is looking for ways to escape from prison, and then the aging master Leonardo da Vinci intervenes in her destiny in a strange way. He has only recently become part of the Court of the young King Francis I. The Ruler expects him, among other things, to paint a picture of the Winter Madonna. The first two royal daughters have been born, and the ceremonial coronation of Claude de Bretagne is expected in a few months. After the demonstrative execution of the Marquis de Marginel, everything seems fine in the Kingdom and the temporarily weakened Society of the Dog is trying to save not only its new Chosen One who is a woman.

    Published: Bratislava, Marenčin PT, 2021

    It is late autumn of 1531. The Marchioness Sophie de Marginel is captured in the castle of her fiancé, the dangerous Duke Claude de Guisé. The Marquis de Pays-Rouge continues his search for her, and the fake monk, hiding his disfigured face under a mask, tries to find out who he is …

Sophie 4:

    The end of story of the historical penthalogy SOPHIE.

    Published: Bratislava, Marenčin PT, 2022

The Queen of his Heart

Sophie 5:


    Max, after fifty, and his still charming wife Magda live a satisfied life of successful art auction agency owners. They live in a large house in the best part of the city and enjoy to full all the benefits of the nouveaux riches life in the capital. The seemingly perfect marriage of middle-aged partners is just sometimes stirred by usual problems with their teenage daughter Vanda and their adult son Peter who is trying to stand on his own feet.

    Then, a young, beautiful and ambitious intern Mirka steps into their agency. Max is not left unaffected by her charm and what starts as a little flirtation ends up as a big infidelity, fundamentally destroying all the relationships…

    A married man in a mid-life crisis and a young beauty - a pathetic cliché! A relationship triangle so common nowadays that it hardly startles anyone. Until it happens to someone of our loved ones - then we sit up and it does not take a sec before we decide which one to side. However, how objective is our view?

The three part novel Cliché tries to answer this question. Each third of the book has one of the three protagonists as the focalizer: the unfaithful Max, the cheated-on Magda and the naive Mirka. That is why the book provides a rare opportunity to try and experience the story of each of the three in a cross-section of their respective personal worlds. We are given the chance to get into their skins and we are led towards the end, after having experienced all the three parallel stories, to find out  that not only each of them is completely different from what we had anticipated at the beginning but the intriguing literary construction of a triple story gets together at the very end to make a fourth one, and it is this last one that gives us the real insight, brings us to the enlightenment about infidelity, thanks to, among others, an astonishing, full-blooded and psychologically mastered atmosphere prevailing throughout the novel.

    The novel Cliché is the third book by Martina Monošová, published 2010 by Ikar, second edition Bratislava, Marenčin PT, 2015.

Lessons In Hate

    Thrown out on the street in the middle of a bitterly cold March night by her villain husband Maurice, Irena Vicar has no choice but ask her former lover Samuel to help her. 

    But influential Maurice see to it that no-one gives her a job. So, in the meantime, Irena is forced to accept an indecent proposal from her lawyer Alex. Nonetheless, she pulls herself together to seek revenge on her husband, which is the only way out or so she thinks.

    A lightly erotic story with a touch of detective fiction about how bad luck nurtures revenge, how obsession with revenge brings sin and how, against the odds, love can bloom as it follows its own rules and can be born despite the Lessons in Hate.

    The novel Lessons in hate is the sixth book by Martina Monošová, published november 2013 by Marenčin PT and in czech language by Brána, Prague, 2014.

F ive O’clock Loves

    This novel set in an au-pair world in England. First published 2005, second edition Bratislava, Marenčin PT, 2012.

    This is a first novel by M. Monošová.

English Avakenings

    A story about an Slovak au-pair Petra in UK is continuing. Bratislava, Petrus, 2006.

    This is a second novel by M. Monošová.

Thieves Kisses

    A genuine story about exploring one’s own journey and value, Bratislava, Ikar, 2012.

    This is a third novel by M. Monošová.

Sweet Dreams

    This is a story of a successful singer willing to lose absolutely everything because of undue love. Published: Bratislava, Marenčin PT, january 2013 and in czech language by Brána, Prague, 2016.

    This is a fifth novel by M. Monošová.

Swallows In The Wind

    Destinies of two women from their youth ripen adulthood set against the background of Slovakia’s recent history during the past 25 years from the Gentle (Velvet) Revolution. Bratislava, Marenčin PT, june 2014 and in czech language by Naše Vojsko, Prague, 2021.

    This is a seventh novel by M. Monošová.

Pearls Of The Other

    A sketch of a mistress of a married man with a touch of a fateful secret. Bratislava, Marenčin PT, december 2014.

    This is a eighth novel by M. Monošová.